As a SQF Level 3 manufacturing facility we are required to be in full compliance with all State and Federal Regulations. Prop 65 has been in existence for many years.  Over the years, it has been our standard policy to examine all raw materials and giftware to determine if Prop 65 labeling was needed for our various product lines. We have worked with our supplier partners, relying on our comprehensive supplier approval program, thorough product analysis, industry standards and / or test results to best determine the required warning labeling, if any, for our products. With the recently updated regulations which now include 900+ chemicals on the list and new warning labeling requirements we have been diligently reaffirming our findings. We have begun further testing our product lines through a highly accredited laboratory that is widely used throughout our industry.  To date we are happy to communicate that we stand by our current labeling practices and to the best of our knowledge our products still do not require a Prop 65 warning. If at any time we determine a product requires a Prop 65 warning label we will take the following steps:
  1.  Immediately communicate this to our customers through our Customer Service Department and through our website and
  2. We will pursue a reformulation or resourcing wherever possible of that material to ensure that it complies with the prop 65 limits.
If for any reason the product cannot be reformulated to comply with the new Prop 65 standards, the product will be placed on a list designating it as a product that must have a Prop 65 short form warning label applied to it when the product is to be shipped to California.   The label will meet the font and size requirements outlined in the regulation.   For a product that requires a Prop 65 warning but is not shipping to California, we will supply labels upon request.  

Questions & Answers

1. Do any of your products require a Prop 65 warning label?  At this time, through extensive product evaluation of our supplier’s product specifications…our products do NOT require warning labels.  2. How did you determine if your products require a warning label? Product specifications, SDS reports, Test reports, Safe Harbor Limits, and a review of current litigations and settlements.   3. Will you label your products or the packaging? If it is determined that a warning label is required, the label being placed on the product itself or the packaging will be determined based upon the surface area. 4. Are you labeling using the short or long form label format? The short form. 5. Will you have Test reports for all of your products? No, our product line consists of thousands of items.  We are testing products from each category and inks for all printing processes.